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We currently have several prototype tours as possibilities, some of which are pictured on this page.  The first, the Colebrookdale Railroad is confirmed.  Check back in the future for more info on the others.  

Colebrookdale Railroad

 The Colebrookdale Railroad is a short line in headquartered in Boyertown, Berks County, and which parallels the Berks/Montgomery County line up to Pottstown in Montgomery County.  Prior to abandonment by Conrail in the 1976, it had been part of the Reading Company since the 1800s.  After its abandonment it changed hands many times until now being owned and operated by the Colebrook Railroad Preservation Trust.  Click here to read all about the railroad, their history, and their current operations, which include tourist rides. 

    For this tour, attendees will be required to provide their own transportation to the terminus, which is located in Boyertown, a 30-

minute drive from King of Prussia.  The day begins with a tour of theengine and operation facilities including equipment prep and loco power-up.  Thereafter you will be treated to a train ride to Pottstown.  Drawings will be held for slots for riding in the cab.  There will be photo/video run-bys.  Lunch is included.  The cost for the tour is $75 per person.  This promises to be a very enjoyable and educational experience.

    This tour has been added to the registration form.  Those already registered can revisit registration at any time to add to or change their itinerary. 


SEPTA Electric Car Shops
SEPTA Electric Car Shops

 SEPTA, the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Author-
ity is the owner and operator of the electric multiple-unit cars used in the Philadelphia area's commuter rail network, a legacy of the Reading and Pennsylvania (and later Penn Central) Railroads.  This tour would involve visiting the repair and maintenance facilities.

 Grand and beautiful 30th Street Station was built in 1933 for the Pennsylvania Railroad as its primary intercity terminal in Philadelphia.  Today, this continues to serve Amtrak for both for north- and southbound intercity trains, as well as commuter rail on the upper-level platforms.  It is located adjacent to what was formerly the main post office building, specifically to facilitate the transportation of mail back when that duty was primarily the responsibility of the railroads.

Amtrak's 30th Street Station
Amtrak's 30th Street Station


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