Pennsylvania Live Steamers

Saturday 12-4 PA Live Steamers 488 Gravel Pike, Collegeville, PA 19426 610-454-0477 23 minutes
Pennsylvanis Live Steamers 5 Gauges 15 Miles
Size: 5 Acres Scenery: 100% Theme: Live Steam
Era:Varies Style: Outdoors Region:  Northeast PA
5 acre club site with 3,200 feet of 1½" scale, 3,000 feet of 1" scale, an 800-foot multi-gauge loop and a 219-foot dual-tracked Gauge 1 loop. Both live steam and diesel (gasoline or electric powered) locomotives are in operation. Highlight is a ride around the scenic property on the 7 1/4 gauge loop.
Handicap Accessible, Rest rooms, snacks and drinks available for purchase
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