Layout Tours

There will be multiple self-guided layout tour opportunities dur-
ing the convention. The Philadelphia area is a hotbed of model railroad activity and we have a number of layouts, both home and club, to visit. We are attempting to keep all tours and open houses to drives of 60 minutes or less. In addition to the tours scheduled during convention hours, we have a number of layouts open for on-the-way-to-the-convention and going home.

Below is the preliminary list with tentative times.  We do expect more layouts, including N-scale.  Photos will be forthcoming.  All info is subject to change.  Additional time/location charts and maps will be added as the event draws closer.

For additional information, please contact chair Bill Fagan.


Layout Owner Layout Name Minutes Away Scale Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Blackburn, Bill PRR 30 HO
Borden, Don Santa Fe 45 HO
Brownsberger, Nick PRR 45 HO
Cannon, Dennis Forever Christmas Eve 60 Various 10 til 3 10 til 3 10 til 3
Chelten Hills MRRC Penn Falls RR 30 HO
Coe, Tim American Flyer 45 S
Condiff, Steve 60 G
DeBlasi, Ralph Lehigh Valley RR 60 HO
Eaton, Sam First State MRRC 60 11 til 4
Erskine, Bill Nothing But Track RR 30 O 3-Rail 1-4 1-4
Farquhar, John 60 O
Feeney, Kevin Illinois Central 30 HO
Fort, Ted PRR/Paoli Local 30 HO 1-4 1-4
Gotwals, Ed Spokane Seattle & Chama 30 HO 5-9 5-9 5-9 5-9
Hackett, Earl C&O 60 HO
Hoess, Ron PRR, Chestnut Hill Branch 45 HO
Hoffmann, Robert PA & Delaware River 45 HO 1-5 1-5
Huth, Carl The Reading Lines 60 HO 12-4 12-4
Kachel, Bill PRR Cosmopolitan Br. 45 HO 12-4 12-4
Koury, Bob SP Tehachapi East 60 HO 1-5
Logothetis, Nick Thorndale & Pennsylvania 45 HO 12-4
Long, Charlie Philadelphia Transportation Co. 30 HO 1-5
McCorry, Ken PRR 30 HO
McTeigue, Pat Lehigh Valley Junction 45 HO
Messer, Dave  PRR, Northeast Div. 30 HO 12-4
PA Live Steamers 30 Var 10 til 4
Paine, Earl Reading RR 30 HO
Pantaleo, Dan BNSF Hi Line, Montana 30 N 1-4 1-4
Phillips, George St. Albans MRRC 30 HO
Russell, George 45
Salotti, Steve NY, Susquehanna & Western 30 HO
Skuchas, Ed 30 O-Trac
Smith, Alden WM, Cumberland Div. 15 HO 12-4 12-4
Smith, Steve Northeast Corridor 30 HO
Thomas, Glyn  Minnesota Commercial 30 HO 12-4
Toll, Norma Colorado RR 30 HO
Trout, John PRR 60 HO
Walters, Joe Northeast RR 60 HO 12-4
Wolfhope, Steve 15 On30
Zeolla, Bob Conrail Conemaugh 1978 30 HO
Zollers, Al Central PA & Northern 30 HO
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