The Liberty Bell Special clinic program will feature presentations by talented modelers, authors, and experts from every aspect of model and prototype railroading. The clinics will vary in presentation style and some will include hands-on operating sessions to solidify the material taught in class. We’re lining up presenters from all over the Mid-Eastern Region and even a few from beyond. Whatever your interest, we’ll have the clinic for you.

Clinics at the Liberty Bell Special will be presented Thursday evening, Friday morning through evening, Saturday morning and afternoon, and Sunday morning.  Some of the clinics will be presented twice during the convention.

Below is a list of committed clinicians and tentative clinic titles or ideas.  Please understand that this is subject to change, especially this far out from the convention.  As more details become available they will be added to the chart.

For more information or to volunteer as a clinician, please contact Clinics Chair John Seibert

Andrew Dodge 1. Scratchbuilding a brass steam locomotive.
2. Creating a Fleet of Steam Locomotives
3.  Modeling to prototype standards and operating procedures (possibly 2 parts)
4.  layout planning and design clinic.
Andy Hart
Alden Smith Doing one on expanding his layout.
Bernie Kempinski
Bill Sartore LED lighting
Bill Schaumberg
Bob Clegg
Bob Sprague TBD
Bob Zeolla  Two: "Conrail's Conemaugh Line - Adding Virtual Signals using JMRI".
Brian Kampschroer Hobgoblin and Elf earn their Electrical AP (Again)
Charles Butsch
Charles Liggett Chester Valley Branch Part II
chuck Davis
Clint Hyde
Craig Bisgeier Can do two
Dave Ramos
Dennis Blank On building his coal dock
Dick Bronson RR-circuits
Dick foley Post war Reading boxcars, 1946-1956
Dick Landt
Dick Lush
Don Borden Steam sounds using TCS WOW decoder
Earl Hackett Scratchbuilding with CAD
Eric Dervinis TBD
Fred Miller 1.  Light, Sound & Motion Animation for Model Railroads
2.  Construction of a Model K1 Trolley Controller
3.  Tips for constructing Electronic Projects for Model Railroads
Fred Monsimer
Fred Willis 1.  Researching and Building a Historic Structure – the Sheafe Warehouse
2.  Building from Photographs – Blacksmith Shop and Railroad Station
George Phillips
Glyn Thomas TBD
Greg Shindledecker "Mack & Myre for hire.
Jeff Witt John Allen's Gorre and Daphetid
Jim Hertzog Exploring the Reading Railroad-Shamokin Division
Jim Schweitzer
Jody Gontero
Joe Walters 1. Building the Jordan Spreader
2. Building a Depressed Center Flat Car
Possibly others
John Forsythe
John Gallagher "Dead rail" battery powered locos.
John Greene Pennsy Pass. Cars
John Teichmoeller B&O Rail marine in Baltimore
Kaylee Zheng Chicken Cars of the Early 20th Century and one on speakers for sound decoders.
Kurt Thompson giving hands-on w/ Brian Kampschroer on Elect AP
Lance Mindheim TBD
Larry DeYoung 1. Modeling Another Mile in Another Scale
2. What a Model Railroader Can Learn From Running a Short Line
Marshall Abrams 1. Using Model Railroad Switch List Software
2. Introduction to Model Railroad Operations, Signals and Detection
Martin Brechbeil 1. Getting Your Model Railroad Author Certificate for the NMRA Achievement Program – Tips & Hints.
2.  Resin Casting: Basics, Intermediates, Tips & Hints
Marty McGuirk
Mike Baker Will do 2 or 3 titles TBD
Mike Prokop 2.  Camden Waterfront and Special Trackwork
Mike Rabbitt
Mike Rose
Nick Kalis Design enhancements
Paul Cappeloni
Paul Dolkos
Phil Kinsey The GG1
Ralph Deblasi Counts as 4 clinics:   Weathering.  Clinic followed by 3 sessions for show and tell.  All on Saturday
Ramon Rhodes TBD
Ron Hoess Tools and techniques for prototype modeling of the urban landscape
Ron Klaiss
Rob Hinkle
Sam Parker
Steve Benezra
Steve King
Steve Salotti Edgewater New Jersey, the prototype and the model
Supt Alan Hardee  Carolina Southern
Supt Alex Polimeni   South Mountain Div
Supt Bill Grosse  Jersey Div
Supt Brian Sheron   Potomac Div 1. Urban Scenes
2. Building Backdrops
3. Electroluminescent Signs
Supt John Sokash  Carolina Piedmont Div
Supt Pat Mahoney   Tidewater Div
Supt Phillip R. Taylor   James River Div
Supt Rick Uskert   Chesapeake Div
Supt Tim Himmelberger
Tom Jacobs
Thom Radice TBD
Val Pistilli Why do cars derail?
Will Jamison TBD.  Wants to do something new.  Might do more than one
Alex Kovatch   (Kato)
Barrry Rossier
Doug Blaine   (Bachman Marketing Mgr)
Doug Foscale
Jim Elser   (Scenic Express)
Jim Scenic Express
Mike Dettinger T track modules or other
Miles and Fran Hale
Rick Hunter (Hunterline) Make and take for one of their bridge kits
Shane   (Scale Trains)
Shane Scale Trains
Steve Funaro Make and take for resin kit
ULM Loksound (new LCC system)
Bill Fagan
Mark Wallace Preparing the layout room
Nick Brownsberger
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