Clinician: Dan Mycio & Steve Koffel

CLINIC: TCS WOWSound Version 5
DAY:  Thursday TIME7:00-8:00 PM ROOM:  Auditorium
DESCRIPTION:  Come learn what TCS has been cooking up with Version 5 of our WOWSound decoder. Dive into the many feature updates and improvements. Discover a host of user-customizable effects and a new suite of powerful standalone programming tools. Version 5 is not simply a software update, but an introduction to a new ecosystem of intelligent and user-friendly DCC innovations from TCS.


CLINIC: TCS Universal WiFi Throttle
DAY:  Friday TIME7:00-8:00 PM ROOM:  Auditorium
DESCRIPTION:  Join Dan and Stephen for an in-depth demonstration of the TCS handheld Universal WiFi Throttle, part of the soon-to-be-released WiFi Command System. The ergonomic interface and large display make operating layouts and programming locomotives a breeze. Seamlessly switch between DCC systems and communication protocols to control any train on any layout, all with the same throttle. Come see how today’s technology is being used to enhance your enjoyment of the hobby.


About the Clinicians...

     Hailing from central eastern PA, Dan Mycio rediscovered his love for model trains when joining TCS in 2017. In addition to managing the technical support department, he designs and tests circuit boards and drafts 3D models. When he’s not advising people to “turn it off and back on again,” Dan wages war on rivet counters by expanding the eclectic mix of roadnames and locomotive power on his N scale layout.

     Stephen Koffel joined the TCS team in 2018 and oversees marketing initiatives and video production. Residing with his wife Katrina in the Philadelphia suburbs, his N scale Free-mo modules have been sidetracked due to a new addition to the household - their son Joel. When he’s not dropping N scale detail parts into unreachable places, you’ll find Stephen exploring the outdoors and enjoying a good cup of coffee along the way.



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