Clinician: Val Pistilli

CLINIC:  Why Trains Derail
DAY:  Sunday TIME 9:30-10:30a
ROOM:  Radnor
DESCRIPTION:  Detail discussion and illustration of all the reasons model trains derail, how to solve the problems when they do, and how to prevent it in the first place.  




About the Clinician...

     Val’s credentials in model railroading could fill a book. To begin with, he is a life member of the NMRA, having served as a Philadelphia Division board member, its first webmaster, and its all-around, go-to tech guy. He’s also a professional photographer having graced our website and publications with his photos over the years, as well as having photographed our car projects.

     A long-time member of the GATSME club, he is noted for his beautiful trackwork, among other things, from which the new layout is benefiting, as well. And, of course, anywhere you go everyone knows him. If anyone can tell you why trains derail and how to prevent or fix it, Val can.

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