Clinician: Steve Salotti

CLINIC:  Edgewater, New Jersey: The Prototype and the Model
DAY:  Friday TIME10:00-11:00p
ROOM:  Radnor
DESCRIPTION:  A look at an area once considered one of the most heavily industrialized in the United States. From it's beginnings to it's demise, and how we model and operate it.



About the Clinician...

     As far back as I can remember, interest in trains has been a part of my life, probably kindled by the Marklin train set my father put up under the Christmas tree each year. As an adult there has always trains in some form or other in our home, culminating in the Susquehanna-based railroad filling my basement today. I enjoy such tedious tasks as handlaying track and turnouts, building freight cars and structures, and operating the railroad as prototypically as possible.

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