Clinician: Rich Newmiller, MMR

CLINIC:  Modeling the Diamond Glass Company, Royersford, PA
DAY:  Friday TIME 7:00-8:00p
ROOM:  Berwyn
DESCRIPTION:  Diamond Glass Company, the prototype, was located along the banks of the Schuylkill River in Royersford, PA from 1894 to 1989. It was originally rail-served by the Philadelphia & Reading, then the Reading, and finally Conrail. The clinic presentation explores the research and construction of this scratch built model including some background on glass making. 

     The project construction photographs detail building with styrene, stucco application, corrugated roofing & siding panels, multiple silo elevators, hand cut shingles, distinctive furnace stacks, and industrial details such as safety cage ladders and open grate walkways with hand rails. The modeled complex includes the raw material silos, batch house, power house, glass furnace, bottle making and annealing structures. Painting, weathering and signage complete the presentation.


CLINIC:  Silos & Elevators - Historical Review and Modeling Methods
DAY:  Friday TIME 8:30-9:30p
ROOM:  Berwyn
DESCRIPTION:  Storage silos and their associated vertical elevators have been used in multiple industries since they were invented in the mid-1800s. They serve farming, food preparation, mining, glass manufacturing, energy and numerous other operations. Silos, made using wooden cribbing, concrete, and steel, have been receiving & shipping their commodities by farm wagon, truck, rail, barge, and ship since they were first invented.

     This clinic will look at several commercially available kits and then review examples of the author’s scratch built solos and elevators serving coaling operations, grain storage, injection molding with plastic pellets and glass manufacturing.




About the Clinician...

     Richard has been a member of the NMRA for almost 19 years. He was recognized as a Master Model Railroader in 2006 and has won multiple service and judged contest awards including three (3) Best-in-Show plaques. His passion is scratch building structures that are not available commercially.

     Richard is constructing his second freelanced HO scale layout that is influenced by the PRR and a secondary interest in logging operations. He is a past member of the Philadelphia Division, MER, but due to a relocation in 2015, he is currently a member of the Garden State Division, NER and resides in Plainsboro, NJ.

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