Clinician: Rich Mahaney

CLINIC:  Tank Cars 101
DAY: Saturday TIME11:00a-12:00p
ROOM:  Wayne
DESCRIPTION:  This presentation looks at the different types of tanks cars that are used today, older style tank cars, tank car features, tank car models, how to increase tank car traffic on a model railroad layout, industries that use tank cars, and loading and unloading platforms/facilities.


CLINIC:  Perishable Operations in the '50s
DAY: Saturday TIME1:00-2:00p
ROOM:  Wayne
DESCRIPTION:  This presentation looks at refrigerator cars for produce, fruit, meat and other similar materials, the supporting operations (icing, cleanout, repair, storage buildings and warehouses, brokers and customers), the paperwork involved, the application of all of this for more realistic railroad operations on model railroads and examples of what people are doing on their railroad layouts involving all of these topics.
CLINIC:  Junctions, Interchanges and Diamonds for your Model Railroad
DAY: Saturday TIME2:30-3:30p
ROOM:  Wayne
DESCRIPTION:  This presentation looks at real railroad junctions, interchanges and diamonds and how they can be modeled by model railroaders. Their use can allow more rail traffic, the use of other railroad equipment and can some interesting operations. If a modeler likes a number of railroads, this is the solution to allow the many of different railroads to operate on a layout. A variety of examples from different model railroads are shown as part of this presentation.
CLINIC:  Quick Industries for Your Model Railroad
DAY: Saturday TIME4:00-5:00p
ROOM:  Wayne
DESCRIPTION:  This presentation is designed give model railroaders industry ideas for their model railroad that can be assembled in several evenings (or days) of work. These industries can quickly increase railroad traffic and new customers. Examples of real facilities and model railroad examples are used to make the points. Also other details involving industries such as track work, loading docks, industry placement along the tracks and industry building concepts will be looked at.

About the Clinician...

     Rich Mahaney has been involved with model railroads and trains since he was about 5 years old when that first “Christmas train set” arrived. The railroad and trains interest was further instilled and reinforced in Rich by his grandfather that would take him down to the train tracks in the Grand Rapids, MI area to watch trains with him, and the interest has never left. He has been interested in modeling the Great Northern Railway (GN) in an HO layout and the railroads that it interchanged with, between the state Washington and the Midwest, as well as the movement of perishables in the late 1950’s.

     Rich has been a member of the NMRA for a number of years and severed as the “Superintendent” of the Eastern Iowa Division (Cedar Rapids, IA area) during 2007 and 2008. He is serving in his second elected term in the position of “Director at Large” for the NMRA North Central Region that serves MI and parts of IN and OH. He is probably most known for his model railroad and railroad related clinics and photography that he has presented in many states.

     Rich enjoys all aspects of model railroading, railroads, teaching and touring other model railroader’s layouts of this great hobby. As an instructor/presenter, Rich has taught in 29 states and 4 countries. His college degrees are from Oklahoma State University with an Associate Degree in Fire Protection and Safety and a Bachelor and Master’s Degree in Technical Education.

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