Clinician: Phil Kinsey

CLINIC:  The PRR GG-1: Setting the Standard for All Electric Locomotives
DAY:  Saturday TIME11:00a-12:00p
ROOM:  Berwyn
DESCRIPTION:  This clinic provides a summary of the electrification of the PRR Northeast Corridor and the timeline to develop what eventually became the famous GG-1 locomotive starting from early box cab units, the evolution of the early box cabs to the P5A and the use of the New Haven EP-3 as a test model to the eventual development of the GG-1.


About the Clinician...

     Phil Kinsey is a retired accountant and banker with a life long interest in trains. Phil has done some very elementary HO scale layouts and has an interest in "O" Gauge having two sets of "O" gauge circa 1922 and 1930, both of which were purchased by his grandfather for his father and remain in the family and are fully operational.

     Phil very much enjoys the NMRA presentations and has attended many regional meets as a guest of long time NMRA member Fred Willis. Phil just became an NMRA member in January 2019.

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