Clinician: Mike Dettinger

CLINIC:  Make 'n' Take: The T-Trak Module Experience
DAY:  Friday TIME 1:00-5:00p
ROOM:  Devon
DESCRIPTION:  The T-Trak Module Experience attempts to give the participant a taste of the process of taking a T-Trak Module from Concept to Show in only four hours. Each participant will be given an empty fully built T-Trak module with the Kato Unitrak mounted. In the course of four hours, we will discuss different scenery techniques for grass, trees and roads. During the presentation, the participants will apply the concepts that they are learning to their blank canvas (module). At the end of the clinic, the modules will be set aside for drying. Once dried, they will be added to the T-Trak display upstairs where trains will run over these new modules all day Saturday. Saturday evening, the participant can take their module home or donate it to the Philly Division. Seating is limited and a $40 materials fee is required.

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CLINIC:  Make 'n' Take: Downtown Deco Plaster Kit Build in N-Scale
DAY:  Friday TIME 7:00-11:00p
ROOM:  Devon
DESCRIPTION:  Plaster building kits may seem difficult at first glance, however plaster is a wonderful material to work with, once you understand it. Hydrocal dries hard and captures the details of the mold very well. Plaster if an excellent choice for brick walls. Imperfections in the casting process can add to the history of the brick wall - plus additional wear and damage can be easily added to the brick with an X-acto knife. For this clinic, the participant will receive a Downtown Deco Building kit. The walls will be pre-painted. The clinic will discuss the preparation process and discuss ideas for painting and weathering realistic brick and mortar. The participants can take their building home or donate their work to the Philly Division. Seating is limited to 16 and a $20 materials fee is required.

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About the Clinician...

     Michael Dettinger is a model railroader with a passion for oddities, DCC,and animation. Mike has modeled Compressed (Shorty B-Train) Japanese N Scale (1/150), HOn30, On18, HOn3, HO, On30,and O-27/31. His animation projects include DCC control to the Tyco Operating Box Car, the Bachmann Action Caboose, the Lionel 0805 Nuclear Waste Car,and the Lionel 0834 Lighted Poultry Car. If it is obscure, Mike will build it and/or put a decoder in it. His latest obsession is T-Trak.  Mike is also a contributor to online webcasts.

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