Clinician: Michael Groves

CLINIC:  Lighting Your Scenery Without Wiring - A Novel Approach
DAY:  Friday TIME8:00-9:00a ROOM:  Wayne
DAY:  Saturday TIME:  1:00-2:00p ROOM:  Devon
DESCRIPTION:  You will learn the art of implementing scenery lighting in minutes, without wiring, using a revolutionary system.  Lighting scenery adds sparkle to the detail that you have worked hard to create. However, for most of us this requires a lot of forethought and even then we end up with a wiring spaghetti. In this talk I will cover advances in lighting, what led me to develop the Dwarvin fiber optic lighting system, and how to use it. A very high intensity light source allows the use of fiber optics for you to design lighting into your buildings, street lamps, cars, trees…whatever you can imagine. A hands-on demonstration will be provided.

About the Clinician...

     Dr. Michael Groves was trained as a physicist in Australia and has worked in the medical field all his life in the USA, first in development, then sales and marketing. Since retirement he has been able to focus more attention on his train layout, but became frustrated with the amount of wiring involved to provide even a small level of lighting. It was this that drove him to use his physics skills to develop a novel way of lighting without wiring using fiber optics. Dwarvin Enterprises Ltd. was formed in April 2018 to commercialize this idea and is a family business that involves his wife, children, and grandchildren.


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