Clinician: Marty McGuirk

CLINIC:  From Mainline to Branchline: Modeling the Central Vermont’s Richford Branch
DAY:  Thursday TIME10:00-11:00 PM ROOM:  Auditorium
DESCRIPTION:  From 1867 until it was fully abandoned and converted to a bike trail in the early 1990s, CV’s Richford Branch skirted the Canadian border as it ran through some of the finest scenery in the Green Mountain state. It also served a number of interesting industries, including large feed mills, a paper mill, and a plywood plant.

     Through a variety of vintage photos, you’ll come to appreciate why Marty’s opted to not model the CV’s mainline operations in favor of this 27.5 mile branch. Scattered throughout the presentation he will share tips on a variety of subjects ranging from research, benchwork, and model building to scenery (and other topics) that you can apply to your own modeling.  


About the Clinician...

     Marty models the railroads of New England, especially the Central Vermont Railway. Years ago, he founded the CV Railway Historical Society. He was an associate editor at Model Railroader magazine from 1994-2001 before moving to the DC area where he still works as a defense contractor. He is a regular contributor to Model Railroad Hobbyist's "Getting Real" column.


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