Clinician: Martin Brechbiel, MMR

CLINIC:  Getting Your Model Railroad Author Certificate for the NMRA Achievement Program – Tips & Hints
DAY:  Friday TIME:  1:00-2:00p
ROOM:  Radnor
DESCRIPTION:  This clinic will in part address working towards your Author Certificate in the NMRA Achievement Program without any quaking in fear with memories of those endless term papers or reports at the office that tormented you in another time and place. This category is really far less intimidating than you think and is readily achievable while being a creative experience that encompasses giving clinics, videotape, web pages, or the traditional article publication format at a variety of levels.

     We'll go through all of the requirements & rules, discuss the "nuts & bolts" of “how to do it.” Secondly, this clinic will go through my experiences with personal hints and tips for being a successful Model Railroad Author from an NMRA clinician through to being an Editor of a model railroading magazine.


CLINIC:  Resin Casting: Basics, Intermediates, Tips & Hints
DAY:  Friday TIME:  2:30-3:30p
ROOM:  Radnor
DESCRIPTION:  I’ll present the basics of resin casting through a PowerPoint presentation with a matching handout; showing 1-part and “squish” molds and results thereof with lot of examples of all components of the processes. Various tips, hints, thoughts, and assorted philosophies will be shared. Given time and opportunity, and a healthy amount of general foolishness, we may even try to cast a few things.

About the Clinician...

     I’m an O scale modeler with interest in pre-1920 era steam (CVRR) and traction (CG&W). I’ve spent 10 years as the Contest Chair for the MER and served as a Director for the MER for 2 terms. Currently, I’m the Secretary for the MER and also Superintendent of the Potomac Division, MER. I’m also the Editor-in-Chief of O Scale Trains magazine. I also finally got my MMR this year! I enjoy scratchbuilding model trains and structures, working on multiple materials (wood, resin, brass, styrene, etc.), writing articles, creating kits, and generally teaching others how to build models all just for the fun of it.

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