Clinician: Lance Mindheim

CLINIC:  Model Railroading as Art
DAY:  Saturday TIME1:00-2:00p
ROOM:  Auditorium
DESCRIPTION:  In addition to the enjoyment we get from building and operating our layouts, we can also do so through the simple act of viewing them. In other words, thinking of them as we would a piece of art. If we do so, then the same principles used in the art world can be applied. The clinic covers subjects such as color treatment, scene composition, backdrops, and photographic presentation.


About the Clinician...

     Lance Mindheim models urban industrial switching railroads and presently has three layouts. The “main” layout is based on CSX’s Downtown Spur in Miami. He also has two smaller layouts, one based on the Los Angeles Junction and the other a proto/freelance version of the Bush Terminal in Brooklyn.

     He writes frequently for the hobby press and is the owner of The Shelf Layouts Company, Inc. ( a custom layout building and design firm. Lance lives in Silver Spring, MD and has one grown son, Zachary, who often accompanies him to model railroading events.

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