Clinician: Kaylee Zheng

CLINIC:  Using Mobile Speakers for DCC Sound
DAY:  Friday TIME9:30-10:30a ROOM:  Auditorium
DESCRIPTION:  Listen my children as you will hear the tale of two speakers fight ear to ear. And on the right we have the champ, but on the left we have a new stamp. Refreshed with new samples and things to learn, come one, come all for this is no turn!

     This clinic will discuss using mobile (cellphone) loudspeakers for DCC sound. It will explore why most model railroading speakers fail to deliver, and how cellphone loudspeakers can be a valuable alternative. These speakers will also be available for purchase after the presentation.


CLINIC:  Hot Rod Chicken: A Story about the Chicken Car and Live Poultry Transportation
DAY:  Friday TIME11:00a-12:00p ROOM:  Auditorium
DESCRIPTION:  The stock car is an iconic freight car that epitomizes the image of American railroading. However, the classic stock car has a little lesser-known cousin that proved to be equally as important: the chicken car. Created by the Live Poultry Transport Company, together, they revolutionized the transport of fowl meats not only to American markets, but international markets as well. This clinic will discuss the history of live poultry transport, the engineering of the poultry cars, and the design of this model for a potential large scale production.

About the Clinician...

     Kaylee is the daughter of Chinese immigrants and is a practicing mechanical engineer in the aerospace industry. An active member in the model railroading community, Kaylee has given presentations at various conferences, and is working on a campaign to attract young girls to the hobby. Her models have also been published in the August 2013 edition of Railroad Model Craftsman.

     She has also been featured in the documentary "Model Citizens" and an active participant on "Model Rail Radio" and "A Modeler's Life" podcasts. In her spare time, Kaylee enjoys photography, hiking, playing the guitar, and sleeping in whenever possible.




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