Clinician: Joe Walters, MMR

CLINIC:  Building the Jordan Spreader
DAY:  Thursday TIME8:30-9:30 PM ROOM:  Radnor
DESCRIPTION:  The Jordan spreader is a piece of maintenance equipment that is designed to spread ballast or shape ballast profiles.  In addition, the various ploughing wings, and blades allow the spreader to remove snow, create banks, and clean and dig ditches.  The spreaders proved themselves to be an extremely economical tool for maintaining trackside drainage ditches and spreading fill or ballast.  Joe will discuss building this unit in styrene with resin castings.


CLINIC:  Building a Depressed Center Flat Car
DAY:  Thursday TIME10:00-11:00 PM ROOM:  Radnor
DESCRIPTION:  These specialized cars come in various configurations depending on the load. Variations include 4, 6, 8, 12 and 16 axles. The 16-axle cars are designed to carry more than 100 tons and upwards to 200 tons. The center depressed area allows the car to have a low center of gravity while being able to handle extended heights. This type of rolling stock typically moves electrical transformers, electrical power equipment, and large industrial production equipment. Joe will discuss building this unit from styrene and resin castings. A transformer load constructed with over 100 parts will also be discussed.

About the Clinician...

     Joe was born in Woodbury, NJ, raised in Philadelphia, PA, and served 4 years in the Marines. Upon his discharge he started what would become a 32-year employment with the railroad. He started as a coach cleaner and retired as Mechanical Superintendent of Equipment, at both of the back-shops in Delaware: Wilmington shops and the Bear car shops. Joe worked for the Reading and Conrail before retiring with Amtrak, all in the mechanical department. He now lives in Bear, Delaware.  Joe recently earned MMR #644 and will be recognized at the banquet.


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