Clinician: Jeff Witt

CLINIC:  John Allen in Print: A Survey of his Publications
DAY:  Thursday TIME 7:00-8:00p
ROOM:  Devon
DESCRIPTION:  Many of us remember back in the ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s when John Allen was revered as one of the great model railroaders of that time.  In addition, he was a professional photographer and as such was renowned as a pioneer in model railroad photography. Jeff will take us on a journey back in time revisiting John Allen's articles and photos which appeared in numerous model railroad and hobby magazines, as well as advertisements and catalogs.


CLINIC:  Remembering John Allen’s Gorre & Daphetid: A pictorial journey through the history of a great model railroad and its creator
DAY:  Sunday TIME 8:00-9:00a
ROOM:  Auditorium
DESCRIPTION:  This clinic is a pictorial journey covering all three incarnations of John Allen's Gorre & Daphetid, and includes hundreds of photos. Although some photos are from the model press, most are taken from slides and prints recovered from John's fire-damaged house by its current owner, complemented with additional private photos taken by G&D visitors, all generously provided to the GDRP (Gorre and Daphetid Reminiscence Project). Sit back and enjoy, then visit to explore further!




About the Clinician...

     Jeff Witt began a model railroading as a boy, inspired and influenced by the Gorre and Daphetid articles in his father's books and magazines. He is the current webmaster of, the web site of the GDRP, the Gorre and Daphetid Reminiscence Project. His current layout project, the Taggart Transcontinental, includes a branch line operated by the G&D where steam power rules and lots of G&D rolling stock operates.

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