Clinician: Glyn Thomas, MMR

CLINIC:  Modeling the Minnesota Commercial
DAY:  Friday TIME 10:00-11:00p
ROOM:  Berwyn
DESCRIPTION:  The Minnesota Commercial is a modern prototype short line serving the Minneapolis-St Paul area of Minnesota. Glyn's presentation will start with a review of the modern prototype scene in the Twin Cities, and then discuss how this was researched and translated into model form, illustrated with photos of his current layout.




About the Clinician...

     Glyn is one of the NMRA's most recent MMRs (no. 632). He originated from England and has been modeling most of his life, starting with British and European prototypes. He switched to US modeling following his move here 20 years ago, initially building a medium sized basement layout based on Central Railroad of New Jersey's Susquehanna Division. His current Minnesota Commercial Hennepin Branch is a smaller layout suited to inner-city living. He lives in Philadelphia with his wife and has two adult sons who live nearby.

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