Clinician: Gil Fuchs

CLINIC:  Staying Alive
DAY:  Thursday TIME 8:30-9:30 PM ROOM:  Devon
DESCRIPTION:  “Keep-Alive” devices provide an affordable solution to locomotive stalling and dirty track issues. The clinic presents devices available in the market, advantages and disadvantages of installing and using them, their principal of operation and a simple DIY "keep-alive" device that modelers can build. Common issues and proposed solutions for successfully operating locomotives with them are presented and reviewed.


About the Clinician...

     Gil Fuchs is an electronics engineer and Information Security specialist, as well as a long-time modeler and members of the DCC Working Group of NMRA, contributing and revising the DCC standard. He enjoys modeling and custom-building rolling stock and motive power for his HO layout, a freelance adaptation of Israel Railways in the early 1950s. Together with Dr. Mike Bolton, Gil has designed DIY digital decoders (hardware and firmware) and initiated the CBus layout control system for the MERG group in UK, as well as many other MR related projects and designs.


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