Clinician: Fred Willis

CLINIC:  Researching and Building an Historic Structure: The Sheafe Warehouse
DAY:  Thursday TIME8:30-9:30 PM ROOM:  Wayne
DESCRIPTION:  What happens when you are traveling and suddenly discover a structure you desire for your layout? Time is short and you lack the tools to measure all aspects of the structure. This clinic provides some guides on how to measure and research a structure to build an accurate model in this situation.


CLINIC:  Building from Photographs: Blacksmith Shop and Railroad Station
DAY:  Thursday TIME10:00-11:00 PM ROOM:  Wayne
DESCRIPTION:  Structures abound in photographs, unfortunately kits of most structures do not exist. How can you build a structure model from a photograph? This clinic provides guidelines and ideas on how to research and build an accurate structure from a photograph.

About the Clinician...

     Fred Willis is a life member of the NMRA and a member of the New Jersey Division. New England Railroads, particularly in Maine in 1900 are his primary prototype interest. His primary modeling activities are scratchbuilding structures and cars and researching the history of small railroads and locomotive designs.


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