Clinician: Eric Dervinis

CLINIC:  Woodward and Lance — Modeling a “Modern” Anthracite Breaker
DAY:  Friday TIME 4:00-5:00p
ROOM:  Berwyn
DESCRIPTION:  After the turn of the twentieth century, the Lackawanna RR began to replace wooden breakers with steel. Large steel "wet" process breakers reduced manpower and increased output. We will study how these breakers work with plenty of contemporary photos. With no known commercial models, methods to scratch build will be explored.




About the Clinician...

     Eric models the Bloomsburg Branch of the Lackawanna Railroad. His grandfather mined anthracite coal over four decades and he has had a long interest in the mines, the breakers and supply chain. He has served as the MER Executive Convention Chair since 2011 and has also served as MER Trustee and Secretary. His basement features a large DL&W HO railroad set in 1956.

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