Clinician: Earl Hackett

CLINIC:  Scratch Building Using CAD
DAY:  Sunday TIME 8:00-9:00a
ROOM:  Wayne
DESCRIPTION:  The use of computer design to produce 3D printed models, silicone RTV molds for multiple copies, and metal etchings for fine details that can withstand handling. Recommended materials and sources are specified. A signal bridge in various stages of construction will be displayed that is an example of all three techniques. There will be a brief description of OnShape, a free (for individuals who are willing to have their designs open to public inspection), professional level parametric CAD system that can produce all geometry and file formats needed for model railroad applications.




About the Clinician...

     Like most modelers I was started by a Lionel Christmas layout at a time I can barely remember. My first permanent layout was with the Lionel equipment, but I never liked that three rail system. I've been involved in HO scale model railroading since the 7th grade except for a few years I took to build and sail a 40' sailboat. I'm currently building my sixth layout.

     Until recently I was a free lance modeler with a collection of whatever locomotives I thought looked good. I began collecting brass while in Utah and Texas with the Air Force so most of my collection was western roads. My current layout started out as a free lance design, but will into construction I found myself being attracted to C&O motive power. I decided to follow the C&O prototype, which resulted in a pretty massive rebuild that continues today to model (with some artistic license) the western Allegheny grade from Ronceverte to Allegheny Summit.

     I scratch build or heavily kitbash just about everything. I made many business trips to Manchester, UK and became friends with John Yates who at the time was the chief signal officer for the East Lancashire Railway. Operating the signal box (the British term for a signal tower) at Ramsbottom got me hooked on signaling. I'm installing operating interlocking cabins (the C&O term) on my layout. A portion of that project provides the examples for this clinic.  

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