Clinician: Charles Liggett

CLINIC:  Modeling the Reading’s Chester Branch, Part 2
DAY:  Thursday TIME8:30-9:30 PM ROOM:  Berwyn
DESCRIPTION:  This clinic is a continuation of the Modeling the Reading’s Chester Branch given at the 2018 RPM Valley Forge gathering and will present a medium-sized layout design for this branch. After a brief summary of the first clinic this presentation centers on the design requirements, town and industry locations included, and how it fits into the 15’ x 20’ space chosen for the layout.


About the Clinician...

     Charles Liggett is a Life Member of the NMRA and Mid-East Region. Starting with a ping pong table American Flyer layout usually assembled for Christmas, Charles changed to HO with the 1958 Boy’s Life layout which involved the entire family pitching in to help. Several layouts, high school and college led to a brief experiment with N-scale while serving in Germany with the US Army. Raising a family and maintaining two careers sidelined active layout building for a long time.

     Since returning to HO his efforts have mostly been in gathering information on the Reading Railroad and working on designs and modules for the “ultimate” layout, part of which is the Reading’s Chester Branch. Charles also serves as the modeling chair for the Anthracite Railroads Historical Society.


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