Clinician: Bob Sprague

CLINIC:  If I Could Turn Back Time:  Modeling the Ma & Pa in 1924
DAY: Saturday TIME9:30-10:30a
ROOM:  Berwyn
DESCRIPTION:  What made Bob Sprague decide to abandon the Chessie System and start over with a model of the Maryland & Pennsylvania RR as of May 5, 1924? Is it treatable? Learn about the prototype features and operations Bob plans to replicate, the evolution of his “prototype track plan,” and his experiments with 3D printing of commercially unavailable structures.


About the Clinician...

     Bob Sprague has been a model railroader since he was 5 days old, when he received his first Lionel set from an overeager grandfather. He particularly enjoys track planning, handlaid trackwork, scenery, 3D modeling, and prototypical operations, and has had more than a dozen track planning articles published in Model Railroader. He models in HO, and after building several modern-era layouts changed direction and is now constructing a version of the Maryland & Pennsylvania railroad set in 1924. Bob lives in Baltimore and runs an advertising and marketing agency based in Alexandria, VA.


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