Clinician: Bill Schaumberg

CLINIC:  Discovering Hope Springs
DAY:  Thursday TIME8:30-9:30 PM ROOM:  Auditorium
DESCRIPTION:  A different way to plan a new, one-town layout using aerial photos from Google Earth and Bing Maps. It models a freelanced N scale, shortline railroad set in Northeastern Iowa, "nearly now" and is based on industries common almost anywhere in rural areas and small communities still served by rail.


About the Clinician...

     Bill is a former editor of Railroad Model Craftsman and has modeled California's Nevada County Narrow Gauge RR in On3. He spent his college years chasing the North Shore Line out of Chicago, which led to modeling traction, but was bitten by the "narrow gauge bug" somewhere along the line. It was time to "play some different music," and this layout is his current project.


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