Clinician: Alden Smith

CLINIC:  Building Thurmont
DAY:  Saturday TIME2:30-3:30p
ROOM:  Berwyn
DESCRIPTION: Now that 3 or 4 operators are “ moving freight” on this two room, HO 1950s-era Western Maryland layout, we decided to create a new peninsula containing four additional industries for enhanced operation.  The Cumberland Div. layout features 2 yards, two turntables w/roundhouses, engine house, B & O interchange, 3 coal mines, truck tipple, 25 industries, reversing loop and staging. It is an around the room, point–to–point design. Structures are 90% scratch built. I was awarded Master Builder Certificates for Structures and Scenery by the NMRA. Motive power (26) is all first generation WM diesels with some steam. All backdrops are photos. The entire layout is 100% COMPLETE.

     Thurmont features structures built with a unique process. The process uses cardstock with paper brick, stone ,wood siding, cement block and roofing. The images of this material is taken from internet searches. It is reduced to HO size, printed and applied over cardstock. Tichy windows and doors are used exclusively to complete the look. Every step of this 15 month process was photographed and shown in detail. 



About the Clinician...

     I began (and returned) to the hobby over 20 years ago. Joining the St. Alban Club in the first year. I am now a member of the Glenolden Area Model Railroaders. I retired from Nabisco and Revlon after careers in sales management and personnel areas on a national basis. My energies then were focused on building a layout and learning as much as possible about the hobby. I am an NMRA Philadelphia Division member and have hosted open houses for almost 18 years. As with many others, I consider the friendships nurtured by the hobby to be an important aspect of my life. I host an operating group, sometimes weekly. Two friends helped prepare this presentation and build Thurmont.

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