Awards Banquet

Awards Banquet

The Awards Banquet will be held Saturday night from 7:00 to 9:00 PM in the Independence Ballroom. Tickets for the meal will be $50 and can be purchased at through registration. There will be a Social Hour from 6:00 to 7:00 PM with a cash bar. The meal will be served from 7PM to 8PM, after which the doors will be opened to everyone for the award ceremonies.  We encourage attendees to register for the banquet which we anticipate will be a truly special event.


Banquet Menu

Attendees will have a choice of three options:

1) Railroad-themed buffet consisting of: 

      - From the PRR: PRR Salad Bowl with Pennsylvania Dressing, Potted Flank of Beef Trinidad

      - From the B&O: Shirred Sliced Turkey with Asparagus Supreme, Baked String Beans with

      - From the C&O: Rice Pilaf

      - Chef Selected Desserts

      - Beverages: Coffee, Tea, Sodas

2) Vegetarian plated meal

3) Gluten-free plated meal

The options will appear on the online registration form once the "Yes" button is selected for the Banquet.


Keynote Speaker

We are pleased to present Mike Baker, the principal of Nick & Nora Designs and TMB Custom Models to the Liberty Bell Special convention as our Banquet speaker. Mike is is well known in the model railroading community and can frequently be seen at Philly Division meets.

     Mike is a true artist and has a great eye for both selective compression and the creative usage of "found items" in modeling projects. While his businesses do make significant time demands, he remains very attentive to the model railroading community.

     For TMB Custom Models, Mike applies his vast skill set on behalf of his customer base to provide the professional results for the most demanding customer. He builds both kits or undertakes custom scratchbuilding projects to fulfill the customer's vision. His work is exacting, consistent, and excellent.

     Even if a custom model is not on the radar, Mike can still offer his services. Through the product line of Nick & Nora Designs, you tap into his scratchbuilding skills set. Mike has a great eye for finding potential model railroad subjects and the ability to distill his observations into high quality and fun-to-build kits.

     Mike will be sharing his thoughts on the art of model building (for both himself and others), the process of designing kits, and some of his most fun and challenging projects (past and present), as well as discussing the inherent compromise that all models demand. Mike is a model building enthusiast and he wants to share this passion with our group. It promises to be a most informative and entertaining evening.


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